Château Montaunoir Bordeaux rosé AOC

(Appellations of Controlled Origin)


Tasting notes
“The three main Bordeaux red grape varieties are blended in this rosé with a deep cherry hue, a medium intensity but charming nose with nuances of strawberry, raspberry and candy scents. On the palate, this wine is pleasantly well-balanced. The attack is round and smooth, with a fresh touch to finish. “ Guide Hachette, page 162.
Grapes varieties and soil


30% Cabernet Sauvignon
70% Merlot

Grown on 4,94 acres

Clay and limestone soil



About 2 years


A déguster frais sur charcuteries, crudités ou viandes blanches.
Nous vous suggerons une andouille de guémenée, une salade de thon aux trois poivrons, des pâtes à la carbonara...