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Our story

 The Château de Vertheuil and its vineyard were bought in 1966 by Marguerite and Emile Galy, Genevieve’s grandparents.


        Located on the hillsides 45km (28 miles) from Bordeaux, the Vertheuil, Montaunoir and Grand Picque-Caillou Châteaux make up the family estate of the Ricard vineyards.

        Over the last 15 years, my husband Philippe Durand and myself, Genevieve Ricard-Durand, have always been working with the same passion for our craft in the vineyards and the cellar.

      Wine quality is our main concern.​

We seek to refine the natural qualities our Les Vignobles Ricard wines benefit from. We use traditional winemaking methods so as to give voice to the aromas of fruits and terroir.


       We let our imagination run wild to create a pleasant wine that resembles us.

We give our wines a unique expression and personality. 


      Our client relationships are based on trust and consideration.

We organize wine tastings and sales in private houses. These moments are always very enjoyable.

We also work with French and foreign professionals we regularly meet.



It will be our pleasure to welcome everyone in our Château de Vertheuil !





Our team ...

"Wine cheers the sad, revives the old inspires the young, makes weariness forget his toil." 

                                                                                        Lord Bryon

                 Vineyards ...

Together with vines, miracles are one of France’s main cultivations.

                                                                                                                                  Pierre Daninos

And cellars ...

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